About us, GDPR Consultancy Limited.

Who are we?

Our background comes from running I.T. and AV Companies for over 30 years combined and our gathered experience in the alike industries. Running our own businesses too, that in essence, we realise - will also be effected by the GDPR.

We have in-depth knowledge of the current Data Protections Act, I.T. Security, and Compliancy, and a wealth of experience in how to implement procedures and protocols to initially become compliant, and remain so.

We have Certified Ethical Hackers on-board, that can perform Penetration Testing on your networks and have many years training and experience in other anti-hacking methods & techniques that can aid to upgrade your digital Infrastructures, helping to avoid the risk of compromises and breaches.

It is our end goal to help you to achieve a more secure system, that is easier to monitor without expensive software or the costs of extra staff or training.

We believe our skill-sets are a perfect combination to lead your company and your I.T. Department in the right direction regarding any aspects of the GDPR changes that was implemented in May (2018) and also moving forward with any Government addendums that are released thereafter.


Looking for IT Support, Telecoms, Broadband or Hosting? Please contact our sister company, PSX Digital Limited on the link below.