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Please find links below to useful and interesting news and facts regarding GDPR, The ICO and IT Governance.

1st Oct – H&M fined record €35 million for illegal surveillance of employees

19th Aug – FAQ following UK leaving Europe and the end of the Transition period Dec 20

30th Oct – New Online Training Courses for GDPR, Cyber Security and many more! (LINK)

Not finished your GDPR Compliance yet? (or not even started it yet?) DON’T WORRY – You are not alone… (LINK)

5 ways to detect a phishing email (LINK)

23rd Jan – What is an ISMS and 8 reasons why you should implement one (LINK)

21st Jan – WOW! Google fined £44 million in landmark GDPR ruling (LINK)

15th Jan – 5 information security policies your organisation must have (LINK)

4th Jan – 2 Billion Records stolen in 2018 : End-of-year roundup (Podcast) (LINK)

2nd Jan (2019) How Cyber Essentials can help secure against malware (LINK)

19th Dec – What happens to our Data if we get a No-Deal Brexit (LINK)

18th Dec – Directors face £500,000 fines as PECR amendment takes effect (LINK)

14th Dec – How the ICO measures GDPR compliance (LINK)

12th Dec – 10 things you must do to become cyber secure (LINK)

10th Dec – Former Headteacher gets Prosecuted for storing data on USB Stick (LINK)

Dec 4th – IT Goverance Releases information on Lush – IT Team deleted the till system (LINK)

28th Nov – Uber FINED £385,000 for Data Breach (LINK)

27th Nov – List of Data Breaches for Nov 2018 (LINK)

23rd Nov – Talk Talk Hackers Jailed (LINK)

22nd Nov – Amazon were hacked with a Phishing Scam (LINK)

13th Nov – IT Governance : Requirements for Encryption (LINK)

12th Nov – SSD Hard drive & Bitlocker backdoor (LINK)

10th Oct – GDPR Self Assessment Checklist for Sole Traders (LINK)

1st Oct – IT Governance release GDPR Foundation Course <£500 (LINK)

The difference between Risk Assessment & Business Impact Analysis? (LINK)

How to write a Disaster Recovery Plan (LINK)

How to write a Business Continuity Plan (LINK)