Online Training Courses

As Staff Training is now mandatory under the GDPR, we looked at many online services and wanted to offer our customers some options other than the full Cyber Security Courses that can now be in excess of £300 per candidate.

We have now joined as an affiliate with a Virtual Training College, please click on the links below to view the GDPR and Cyber Awareness courses that are currently available.


Essentials of GDPR £20 (CLICK HERE)
Cyber Security Awareness £30 (CLICK HERE)
Cyber Security Basics £30  £30 (CLICK HERE)
Cyber Security For Leaders £10 (CLICK HERE)
Cyber Security For Visitors £10 (CLICK HERE)

Other Useful Courses:

Anti-Money Laundering £20 (CLICK HERE)
The Bribery Act (2010) £20 (CLICK HERE)
Customer Care £30 (CLICK HERE)
Microsoft Office (2013) £90 (CLICK HERE)
Payment Card Industry £30 (CLICK HERE)
Conflict Resolutions in the Workplace £30 (CLICK HERE)