What Services do we actually provide?

After performing a full audit of your Company Procedures, Codes of Practice, Staff/Workplace Policies, I.T. Systems etc, we will have a baseline and starting point to formulate a stage-by-stage plan for your organisation.

Our main objectives focus on the following:

  • Interpreting the Government legislative documentation into raw, relevant facts, bespoke for your company and your organisations' procedures.
  • Translating all of the IT Jargon & Gobbledygook into user-friendly terminology that can be understood by the layman.
  • Providing training solutions, online examinations and self-certification for you and your staff, showing your company is taking practicable steps towards being, and remaining compliant.
  • Helping and guiding your I.T. Staff/Company to implement necessary changes and/or upgrades to your system to meet the minimum requirements or prerequisites set by the new Regulations
  • Once compliant, helping to stay-on-track with regular spot-checks, especially when amendments are released or changes to your organisation might constitute non-compliance.

    Other I.T. Services that maybe part of your upgraded System & Infrastructure including:

  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • On-Site & Offsite Backup Services
  • Intrusion Detection & Prevention Software
  • Hardware Firewalls implementation/Setup/Configuration
  • Protection for Cloud Services, Secure Websites, FTPs, VPNs, WiFi & Access Points
  • Cyber Essentials Guidance and Training
  • Digital & Physical Security Policies
  • Secure Destruction of Historical Data & Media
  • Anti-Virus/Malware Anti-Root-Kit Software Provision & Support
  • Anti-Fraud Systems and Advice for Telephony Services
  • General Training on Network Security